The best financial recommendations for real travelers

Many foreign countries do not comply with international requirements that demand that  ATMs and shop terminals can accept 4 to 13 digit PIN. These countries only accept 4-digit PIN for credit and debit cards. It would be preferable to change the PIN of your cards that you bring in travel to a 4-digit PIN. Smart cards are safer and more accepted.

Notify your financial institution that you are leaving the country. A transaction in a foreign country could activate the security system and lock your bank account or your credit card. You could put yourself in a difficult situation by not having access to your money.

When traveling, bring a smart phone, a tablet or a small laptop for your financial transactions. Make sure they are equipped with an updated security software. It is important to check your online accounts to detect any abnormal banking transactions. You can also pay your bills online. You will easily be able to transfer the funds you need. Abroad, do not use computers from internet cafes or other devices to perform unsecure bank transactions.

It is always wise to bring currencies of the country you are visiting. Your financial institution may need to order some less common currency from a supplier. Normally, foreign currency orders are available after two days. Get your currencies one or two weeks before your departure.

When traveling, it is not safe to carry a too large amount of cash on hand. The credit card is a secure way to pay. Make sure you bring a credit card with enough funds to cover unforeseen emergencies or expenses.

Be well prepared to make a nice travel. (Page 7B)