Build your website


Step 3: Build your website
You are at the more important step and the most enjoyable. The options available to you are enormous. Most hosting services offer a feature to build a website with a few clicks. It is not necessary to know a programming language. If you have some time, you can learn to use a content management system like Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. They are CMS (Content Management System). There are several free software that are easy to use. You can also buy a software with more functionality. In both cases, for a beginner, a software "WYSIWYG" is preferable. WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" .

This software supports several types of files. It is fast, small and easy to configure. It is an excellent alternative to Notepad.

Free text and HTML editor

You can download this free HTML template. It is possible to edit it with a text editor. When you are done, simply save your page by changing the file extension "Free HTML Template.txt" with "Free HTML Template.html ". After saving the document in ". html"  format, you will be able to view your web page in a web browser.