The Count St-Germain

The Count St. Germain, the man who does not age.

In the 18th century, there was a man who frequented the greatest personalities of his time, yet the place and date of his birth and his death remain obscure and uncertain. This man called himself the Count St. Germain. His true identity is unknown.

The Count never seemed to age. For decades, he has always maintained the appearance of a man in his mid-forties. He was always elegantly dressed. He was of medium height and slim. He liked to dine with others. He discussed without eating until the end of the meal. They have never seen him eating in public. He ate only oatmeal and drank tea from his own preparation. He adored gemstones. His clothes and shoes were adorned with precious jewels. The Count was a wealthy bachelor. Nobody knew whence his fortune.

The Count St-Germain liked to travel. Sometimes, he disappeared for several years and suddenly he was seen again somewhere in Europe. He had a pleasant personality with very courteous manners. Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel and King Louis XV were among his friends.

The Count St. Germain was a being endowed with numerous talents. He spoke in a dozen of languages ​​without any apparent accent. He excelled in the arts. He was able to paint remarkable works. He was able to play the most of the musical instruments of his time. His favorite instrument was the violin that he played like a virtuoso.

The Count practiced alchemy. He was able to transform base metals into gold. He was able to remove imperfections from diamonds. On one occasion, he impressed King Louis XV, by removing a flaw in a large diamond, and at the same time, he greatly increased its value. It could also merge several small diamonds to form a larger one. He was able to significantly increase the size of the pearls. He loved to develop dyes for clothes.
The least we can say he was a fascinating and accomplished man in almost all aspects of the life of his time. It is possible that the Count St. Germain had discovered how to stop aging and has lived much longer than a normal person.