Dental implants and available options

 A nice smile with healthy and white teeth is very attractive. People with healthy teeth are more confidant. They have more chance to succeed in their social life. It is easier for them to get a job. They have more opportunities to find a date. Having good teeth is a precious attribute in our society. Let's not forget that teeth are not only important for esthetic reasons. Teeth affect the way you speak. They also play an important role in your digestion.

A car accident, a sports accident, a dental infection or a health problem such as diabetes can suddenly ruin your beautiful smile. Fortunately, there is a way to restore your appearance without the hassle of wearing a prosthesis. The most natural way to replace a tooth is to have an implant.

During the last years, the technique of tooth implant have considerably improved. There are two main types of implant techniques. The endosteal solution is when the dental implant is anchored in the jawbone. It is simply a small titanium screw inserted into the jaw bone. Titanium is a  biocompatible metal. The endosteal dental implant is the most commonly used and it constitutes the majority of dental implant treatments.

For people who do not have enough  jawbone mass to hold the implant  or do not want to have a bone augmentation, everything is not lost for you. The dental implant can be inserted under the gum on the bone. This technique is called subperiosteal. As you can see there is no reason not to replace a lost tooth and to regain your confidence and your nice smile.

For personal reasons, some people do not want to have a small metal screw in their body. A metal free option exists. The dental implant is made of ceramic zirconium. The material is white and opaque. It is also used to conceive  crowns and bridges.

Sometimes a little bone reconstruction is necessary for an implant to be solidly fixed to the jaw. There are three possible bone sources. The autograft uses the patient’s own bone. It is usually harvested intraorally or from the iliac crest.  It has extremely good osteogenic potential and is 100% biocompatible. The autograft has the highest chances of success.

The allograft uses bone from deceased or living donors. All living cells and proteins are removed. The bone tissue become completely sterile and biocompatible. It keeps its natural bone composition and structure. However the osteogenic properties are lost.

The xenograft uses bone from animals. The source of xenograft bone tissue is  mainly from bovines. The bone undergoes a series of treatment to remove all proteins and germs. The final product is an hydroxyapatite ceramic. This material is biocompatible and sterile.

The alloplast uses any synthetically derived graft material not coming from animal or human. Usually the material is hydroxyapatite. The alloplast graft is a good solution for people who do not like the idea to have bone implant from another person or an animal.

Dental implants offer a vast choice of treatment. Replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant is a good solution to restore your smile, to preserve your elocution and your digestive health. Speak with your dental Specialist to find out the best solution for your problem.