Do you need a visa for your trip?

A visa is a document issued by a country and give to an individual the permission to enter and exit  its territory. The visa specifies the period of its validity, the duration of stay and the area of the country that the person is permitted to visit. The issuer country may specify other conditions and may also revoke privileges at any time. Even if you have a valid visa, the issuing country can refuse you entry into its territory. You should check if a visa is required for the country you visit and for the duration of your visit. Therefore plan your visa application to get it in time for your trip. As your passport, make some copies of your visa. Leave one to a friend or a relative, and bring the other one with you. You can also scan your visa and put it in the same folder as your passport on Google Drive  or SkyDrive.

It would be wise to secure your data with an encryption software. Some software are free and can function with a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.


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