The dragon king of Hogwarts a dinosaur named after the Harry Potter novels

The Dragon King of Hogwarts is a flat head pachycephalosaurus dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous discovered in the Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota.

In 2004, this strange dinosaur skull was given to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Paleontologist Robert Bakker and Victor Thomas Porter named the animal Dracorex hogwartsia which means dragon king of Hogwarts. The name refers to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  from the popular fictional novels, Harry Potter of the  author JK Rowling.

The name was inspired by the children visiting the museum  who found that the dinosaur looked like a dragon. The particular skull of the animal is completely covered with bumps and horns giving it a dragon appearance.

The unusual shape of this dinosaur skull really looks like the representation of the dragon heads of the Middle Ages. The Dragon King of Hogwarts shows that the descriptions of horned dragon head  were not so fanciful and that such attributes have existed in the animal world. This dinosaur is a good example that some large reptiles or the descendants of dinosaurs, now extinct, probably inspired the stories of this legendary creature.


The Dragon King of Hogwarts


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