An energy bridge between the London sky and a sea vessel

The extraordinary events reported by Geoffrey of Vigeois and Gervase of Tilbury, about a ship traveling in the sky, are so supernatural for the time that  they force us to question their origin.

A written work of fiction by a very imaginative writer is the first explanation that comes to mind. This fanciful story would have been told and repeated until it becomes a fact. The short text looks like a  medieval science fiction story  recounting a fact mixed with fiction. However, the incident is described without exaggeration and without much detail. The story has no moral. It is reported by Geoffrey of Vigeois as a fact among other unusual observations that occurred in his days. It seems to describe an unusual case with known elements of the time. The fiction is one possible explanation, but the work is presented as fact by the authors.

It is generally accepted that about 1782, the Montgolfier brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne have invented a hot air balloon. Although the prodigy of the ship traveling in the sky was related to a period well before the invention of the balloon, would it be possible, in fact, that someone else would have invented an aircraft, such as using airship and a small boat? The existence of such technology would have been incredibly early for that time. It  would have anticipated the invention of flying machines of Leonardo da Vinci. This explanation is attractive. It explains the flying ship, the use of an anchor and the crew. However, it does not explain why the sailor drowned and how others have returned to their ship by swimming.

When the technological level associated with a phenomenon is too high for a reasonable explanation, we can assume that the technology comes from a more advanced civilization. At that time, the known flying machines were not yet invented. Can we explain the ship traveling in the sky as an alien phenomenon. The cord and the metal anchor do not appear to be the kind of tools that a civilization capable of traveling over enormous distances would use to stabilize their ship. In addition, people descended to unstuck their anchor looked like common sailors. The scene described does not appear to be associated with an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

I think the explanation is simple, but much more difficult to accept. According to me, the ship has never been above the city of London. It seems that sometimes two limited regions of space on the surface of the planet are connected. A bridge is established between the two spaces. If the energy is very intense, even objects can move from one place to another. It is as if the viewer could act on the  scene unfolding on the television screen and even at the limit enter it. The two areas are physically separated, but united by the energy bridge. For a limited time, some objects in two different regions coexist in a common new referencial while being physically separated. It is noteworthy to mention that in London, the water was not visible. People had therefore the impression that the ship was traveling in the sky. This energy bridge could explain the teleportation of the Filipinos soldier Gil Perez.  Perhaps should we look for the Avengers of Flight 19  in the North Pacific instead of the Bermuda triangle?

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