The fleas have invaded my house

My pet has fleas

Everything starts with a terrible itch on the calves of your legs. Something seems to have bitten you, but you find nothing apparent. After some time, you notice some kinds of small dark spots  moving  around the eyes and ears of your pet. You have just discovered why it was scratching constantly for several days. Your pet has fleas.

This is probably cat fleas or Ctenocephalides felis. These little bloodsucking parasites can be found all over the planet. In the comfort of your house, they can reproduce very quickly. An adult female can lay 20 to 30 eggs per day. She will lay her eggs  on your pet. However, many eggs will fall off and contaminate the rooms of the house where it is found the most often. Especially, where the animal sleeps.

The saliva injected by these small insects  during a bite is very itchy. It can cause intolerable irritation. Sometimes fleas are carriers of disease and parasites like tapeworm. Some of these diseases can be transmitted to the other animals in the house and even to humans.

You must act quickly! You must get rid of these little intolerable free riders. Do not put your pet outside the house thinking that it will solve all your problems. The thirsty fleas for warm blood will fall back on you for food.  In no time, you will be covered with dozens of bites causing unbearable itching.

You should contact your veterinarian immediately. He may prescribe a shampoo against fleas for your pet. Generally, the treatment will last for more than three months to kill all the fleas. This time is necessary because the pulps are resistant to insecticides. You can vacuum the carpets, corners and cracks of the floor to get the most of the eggs and larvae out of your house. Discard the vacuum bag immediately in the garbage outside to avoid contaminating the place where you store it. Wash with hot water and ordinary laundry soap the clothing and blankets of your pet. Thereafter, your animal will help you to trap and finish the decontamination of your house. The surviving fleas will feed on him and be killed by the treatment.

Your veterinarian can advise you on external treatments available on the market. They are varied. They are made in the form of powder, shampoo, spray, pipette or a collar. There are also preventive long term treatments available in oral tablets.

You see. There is no reason to panic. There are a variety of products to fight against fleas. As with any problem, prevention is the best protection. Your veterinarian can advise you for a good and safe preventive treatment for your pet.