Free web hosting services?


Should I use a free web hosting service?

       Do I have to pay for hosting my website? The answer to this question depends on what you want to do. Free hosting services can be a solution for students who want to build a website. If you have a passion and you want to share it with the world then a free host may be an acceptable solution. However, you will quickly realize the limitations of these services. If you choose a free web hosting service, at a minimum, you should register a domain name for your website. 

      Most free web hosting services will present advertising on the pages of your site. You will have no control over this advertising. You are fully subject to the conditions of your free host. If for some reason, they  decide that the service is no longer free, you will have no choice to pay or move your website. Moving a website that was created with a free provider can be a very unpleasant and difficult task to achieve for a beginner. If the company that hosts your site for free decides to cease their operations without notifying you, then you can forget your work.

       For an online business or if you want to be more serious with your web presence, you need a web host that will give you control of your website. A good way to start your website is to register a suitable domain name  and get a reliable web hosting service.

      However, the creation of the website can be performed with tools that are completely free.