Gil Perez is found in Mexico

Gil Perez opens his eyes in Mexico

When Gil Pérez opens his eyes. He is confused and disoriented. He does not know where he is. He cannot understand what is happening.  His military training dictated him to perform its task even if the situation was not normal. On this beautiful morning of October 25, 1593, during the changing of the guard, someone noticed his uniform of the guards of the Governor of the Philippines.  He told him that he is on the Plaza Mayor of Mexico City and that he was at more than 9000 nautical miles from the city of Manila.

Gil Perez tries to explain that he was mounting the guard at the governor's palace in Manila when suddenly he got there before them. Moreover, he informs them that the governor Don Gómez Pérez Dasmariñas was killed. This news spread rapidly throughout Mexico.


(The strange and mysterious teleportation of Gil Perez - page 3)