Gil Perez is judged

Gil Perez is judged by the Viceroy and the ecclesiastical authorities

Gil Perez was questioned by the viceroy and his council. The viceroy not knowing what to do with Perez  sent him  to the court of the Inquisition. He  repeated the same thing "My name is Gil Perez. I have been ordered to stand guard at the gates of the  governor's palace. I know this is not the governor's palace and I am not in Manila. I ended up here in less time than it takes for a rooster to sing. Why or how I got here, I do not know. But I was before this palace, so I did my duty. I want also  to tell you that the Governor of the Philippines for King Philip II of Spain, His Excellency Don Gomez Perez Dasmarinas, was murdered by his crew during a mutiny. "

The most holy Inquisition, accused of being a henchman of evil and they put him in prison. He was also accused of desertion.

(The strange and mysterious teleportation of Gil Perez - page 4)