How to avoid dating site fraud


You have decided to use an online dating site. Here are some tips to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Dating sites are a reflection of society. The vast majority of people are honest and serious. However, there is always a small minority who will do anything to make money easily. With a little caution and good judgment, it is easy to see these people.
Say that you use a dating site for a satisfying experience. The purpose of a dating site is to meet people. So you don't want to discuss anything related to these subjects: money, family problems and health problems.

That I should avoid:


1) To pay a free ticket:

Some people will use a dating site  to get paid one free ticket or make money quickly. The person will ask you to send her money to buy a ticket for visiting you.
Normally a serious person will ask you exactly the opposite. She'll want you to come meet her in her country to meet you and introduce you to her family and friends.

2) To donate money:

In some countries, life is difficult. Some people may ask you for money to help. You do not know if the situation is real or not. Do not forget your goal. You want to meet a person in a pleasant environment.
If you want to help people, there are many organizations that you can donate.

3) To assist a sick parent:

Some people may use your sensitivity by asking you to help pay medical expenses for a sick relative. Again, your goal is to meet someone.

4) Become a customer:

In general free dating sites, it is possible that some people use the site as a small classified ad.
Prostitutes sometimes use these websites as a classified ad. Avoid a profile with a user name and a description fishy too enticing.

It should be noted that it is preferable that the money should in no way be involved in the process of meeting. However, in many countries, people have a real need for financial assistance. This does not mean never help. Take  time to know her before making the decision to offer some financial assistance.