How to explain the events of the Bermuda Triangle?

The killer waves
The killer waves are waves that form spontaneously in deep water where the current is swift with strong winds. These waves can surprise the small boats as well as larger vessels.

The Gulf Stream
The "Gulf Stream" is a stream of warm water which originates in the hot waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It runs along the coast of Florida and continue toward the Atlantic north. This stream of warm water is produced by the combination of winds and the thermo haline pump. The density of the warm water is smaller than the cold water.The warm water floats on the surface of the cold water. The density of water increases with salinity. The combination of the difference in temperature and salinity produce a
thermo haline pump . The "Gulf Stream" is moving at more than two meters per second. The drift of some boats can be explained by this current

Methane hydrates
Methane hydrates may explain a number of ships
disappearances. When the gas rises to the surface, it forms a cloud of bubbles. The cloud of bubbles decreases the water density . The ship can not float and it sinks.

Hurricanes can explain a number of missing plane and ship. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone of great destructive force. Depending on the category, it can cause huge tidal waves with waves over 10 meters high winds of 119 km / h over 249 km / h.