Hypothesis on the origin of the young woman of the Utsuro Bune

The Polynesians have colonized several islands of the South Pacific. From their legends, we learn that some of these people had fair complexion and red or blond hairs. It is therefore possible that the young woman with pale skin and red hair of the Utsuro Bune came from a population of one of these islands. The oral tradition of the Polynesian peoples of the South Pacific suggests that this hypothesis is conceivable.

The Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands, mostly of volcanic origin. This state is located in Melanesia in the southwest Pacific Ocean of the Coral Sea. On Malekula Island, locals remember a population named the Ambats, who had red hairs and white skin.

It is said, according to oral tradition of Easter Island, the chief Hotu Matu would have arrived on the island in canoes with few people. Hotu Malu had red hairs. For a time, two populations have lived on Easter Island.The Hanau Epe with white skin and red hairs and another group whose skin was darker with black hairs.

The Maori legend said that three Patupaiarehe tribes lived in New Zealand. The Patupaiarehe had white skin and their hairs were blond or red. This group consisted of three tribes: the Ngaki-Kura, the Ngaki Korako-and-Ngaki Turehu.

Assuming that the young woman of the Utsuro Bune came from a group of these people with white skin and red hairs, some elements remain mysterious. Why was she alone? How she came to Japan in a round craft that was not designed for navigation at sea and which was very difficult to steer? What was the purpose of the box she held in her hands?