The inexplicable visit of Woolpit green children

Here is the fascinating story of the Woolpit  green children. After reading what is reported about the children you will probably like me ask yourself  a lot of questions about them. Why the  children were green? This color was it due to the food they ate, illness, a dietary deficiency or a pigment of their skin as melanin, but green, to protect them from certain radiation. Even stranger, they recognize no food presented to them.  Any child of this world would have eaten something after a few days without feeding. They come from a place where the brightness of the sun  is very low and where things are green. Again, this may be an adaptation of their  eyes to a low light or to filter some kind of radiation. They saw the things green or were they really green? From where were they? From a Nordic country.  From  another planet.  From  the future.  From  a parallel universe. It’s hard to say.


Wolpit  Green  Children  unexplained.png
The Woolpit  green children by Cor2000