Keep in contact with someone during your trip

For your safety, keep in touch with a person who remains at home. Before leaving, tell that person the itinerary of your trip abroad. Nowadays, it's easy to keep in touch. For example, every two days, you can send an email, text message (SMS) or simply call your contact to inform him of your situation and where you are. Most smart phones have a WIFI connection. By connecting to WIFI of your hotel or a restaurant, you can send an email at little or no cost. In travel, these phones are very convenient. They are very compact and easy to carry in your pocket. Laptops or tablets are bulkier and attract more the attention of criminals. Some countries offer a registration service for travelers who travel abroad. You can easily subcribe from the website of your government. In this way, you will be informed immediately in case of a dangerous political situation, natural disaster or any other emergency.


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