The Kombucha - a probiotic functional food

Origin of the Kombucha

红茶菌 - 紅茶キノコ - Чайный гриб

The history of kombucha is not very well known. The Kombucha  probably originated from Japan or China. Thereafter, this drink had spread through Korea, Mongolia and Russia. This beverage is added to the long list of Asian fermented foods. By transforming foods with fermentation, the bacteria produce new molecules that add flavors and particulars aromas. Moreover, the acids produced during the fermentation process disadvantage the development of pathogenic bacteria, allowing these foods to be preserved much longer. These nutrients not only taste good, but they are also in favor of keeping up full health. Among the fermented foods include all the products of soy, seafoods, vegetables, breads, grains, milk and drinks like the Kombucha.



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