The long life of Count St. Germain

Count St. Germain - Is it possible to avoid death?

In the population, it is always possible to find individuals with physical, physiological or mental characteristics more spectacular than the average. A person may be larger or much taller than normal. However, is it possible for a person to live longer than normal? I'm not talking about 110 or 120 years, but hundreds of years.


Currently, scientists have made ​​some hypotheses that could explain aging. According to one hypothesis, aging is genetically programmed. The aging genes are activated at a particular time of life. It is now possible with some genetic manipulation to prolong the lives of nematodes and fruit flies. In a few years, it is reasonable to assume that it will be possible to do the same with humans. How many years will we add to our lives?

According to another hypothesis, free radicals and oxidative stress alter the DNA molecules. Over time, the body would be less effective to repair the damages. There are also non-enzymatic glycation of proteins that alter the properties of proteins, making them more resistant to hydrolysis by enzymes and preventing their renewal.


According to another possibility, the immune system becomes hostile to its own proteins assembled incorrectly because of an altered genetic code by chemical and physical aggression.

Maybe all living beings are subject to entropy which means that like all ordered systems, it tends toward a state of disorder and that's mean no one can escape death.

Whatever the hypotheses, it appears that a man by the name of Count Saint-Germain has defied the mechanisms of aging. In a letter dated April 15, 1760 to Frederick II, Voltaire said about the Count Saint-Germain "This is a man who knows everything and never dies."