The mysterious origin of the dragon

The dragon is known from all civilizations. Sometimes it is represented with the characteristics of a huge snake as in Asia or a great winged lizard as in Europe. It can be legless, have two or four legs. Even today, the cinema with spectacular technical effects bring to life magnificent dragons that perpetuate the legends about this fabulous animal.

Many video games whose stories take place in medieval times use the dragon as a character. Very often, the dragon of the adventure has magical powers or an extraordinary strength.

What kind of animal has inspired all these legends? It is possible that some species of large reptiles had escaped extinction and survived in isolated regions of the East, Middle East and Europe. Some dragon descriptions are almost the same as we would do about the Komodo dragon. Over time, the stories narrating the encounter with these large reptiles became probably heroic feats and they gave birth to the legendary beast that we know today.

Nevertheless, the origin of the dragon is still a mystery. It is probably for this reason that this legendary animal continues to inspire the imagination of books writers, the video game and the cinema industry.


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