The needs of the Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus's ancestors live on the branches of trees in the forests of Central America and South America. These plants therefore require relatively high light intensity. However, they do not tolerate direct sunlight exposure. Remember that the Schlumbergera is adapted to the climatic conditions of the rainforest and not like the other species of its family who live in the arid regions and can tolerate a direct sunlight exposure. The lighting needs of the Christmas cactus make it an easy houseplant to take care. The ideal place to put them is near a big window without direct sunlight.

The optimum growing temperature for the Christmas cactus is about 20 °C. Normal room conditions suit it very well. This plant is sensitive to cold. Schlumbergera can tolerate a temperature range between 10 °C and 26 °C.

Like all tropical plants, the Christmas cactus likes a high degree of humidity.

The growth period of  the Christmas cactus is between spring and the end of December. During this period, you will keep the soil moist, taking care to remove the excess water in saucer. During the rest period, you must reduce the amount of water without allowing the soil to dry completely.

During the growth period, the plant must be fertilized with a balanced soluble fertilizer such as 20-20-20. During the flowering period, use a fertilizer higher in potassium such as 5-5-10. When the cactus starts its resting  period you have to stop fertilizing.

The soil.
Schlumbergera prefers an acid soil with a pH of about 5. The soil can be composed of a mixture of three parts of peat moss, a portion of sand and one part perlite.