Origin of the name Amaryllis

The nymph Amaryllis.

According to Greek mythology Amaryllis was a young shy nymph. Amaryllis fell deeply in love with Altéo a pretentious shepherd with Hercules's strength and the beauty of Apollo. All the village girls were attracted by the charms of the shepherd. Altéo was not interested about the girls. He was just fascinated by flowers. He told each girl to bring him a new flower that he had never seen before. And only then, he would give his heart. Amaryllis wanted to win the heart of Altéo more than anything else in the world. She went to ask advice to the High Priestess, the oracle of Delphi. The priestess told him to take a golden arrow and pierce her heart with it. Then she had to go to the young shepherd everyday and she had to take the same path until the shepherd remark her. For 29 nights, Amaryllis dressed in white pierced her heart with a golden arrow shedding her blood until  Altéo's door. The thirtieth day Altéo finally opened his door, he had before him a beautiful  bright red flower, materialized from the heart's blood of Amaryllis. It was the two most beautiful things he had ever seen. Altéo fell in love with Amaryllis and realized her splendid beauty. They lived happily ever after.            

The word "Amaryllis" come from the Greek verb amaryssein, which means "shine". Amaryllis name symbolizes the sense of determination, pride and dazzling beauty. Blood from the heart and turning into Amaryllis flower can be interpreted as a great inner beauty.