The passport is an essential document for the traveler

Your passport is the most important document that you bring with during a trip. It is accepted by all countries as a reliable means of identification. Before planning your trip, make sure it is still valid for at least six months after the date of the end of your stay abroad. If you do not bring it, make sure to always put it in a safe place as the safety deposit box of the hotel. Passports from certain countries are coveted by criminals. As a precaution, make copies of your passport. Leave one to a relative or a friend who stay home. Take the other with you  in travel. This copy will be very useful if you lose your passport in order to get another one. You can also scan and upload it to SkyDrive or Google Drive. It will be easy to recover from your hotel.

► It would be wise to secure your data with an encryption software. Some software are free and can function with a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.


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