A powerful flash of gamma ray strikes the Earth

The stellar eruption of the magnetar  SGR 1806-20


On  December 27  2004, the planet was hit by one of the brightest ever observed lightning of energy. It was so powerful that the radiation bounced off the surface of the moon and then illuminate the entire top layer of Earth's atmosphere. This remarkable astronomical event was mainly composed of gamma rays. Again, the magnetic field and the Earth's atmosphere have protected us against this powerful emission of radiation. This extraordinary event is now part of the astronomical list  of phenomena that could threaten the existence of life on Earth. In the past, it is reasonable to think that a similar event has been the cause of a mass extinction. On the other side, some of these stellar explosions may have played a beneficial effect on the diversity of life. Mutations produced by ionizing radiation may play an important role in the evolution of life and they contribute to the richness of biodiversity.

The scientists have determined that the mighty flash of radiation was emitted from the magnetar SGR 1806-20 who  is a strange kind of a magnetic star.