The Ruth is found without its crew off the coast of Bermuda

Once again, the Bermuda Triangle draws attention. A Royal Navy frigate, HMS London, found a 50-foot ketch adrift 500 miles off Bermuda coast. It was called Ruth. The boat had no sails and the mooring were hanging from its sides . There were clothes in the bunks. A book was open with a bookmark indicating the reader's page. The refrigerator was full of rotten food. The ashtray was full of cigarette butts. As if the crew had disappeared suddenly.

The crew of the HMS London decided to bring back  the Ruth to Puerto Rico. They had to clean the boat and to make minor repairs. The Ruth had drifted for about 10 months on the ocean and he was still in good condition. Once the repairs made, the crew headed to Puerto Rico. During the trip, they faced a very strong storm. The engine and all navigation equipment broke down. Once out of the Bermuda Triangle, the equipment began to work again. They eventually joined the HMS London July 12, 1997.
A week later, the owners of the sailboat were found in Germany. The Ruth was probably released from its moorings in the fall before. Ralf Schilling 37 years old and  his wife Britta
31 years old thought the boat was stolen and they returned to Germany. They were very happy to find it in good condition.

Later, it was found that a switch had been installed on the battery charging circuit. The switch in question may explain why the instruments and the engine stopped working. In a wrong position, the batteries could not be recharged.

Fortunately, the Schilling were found. Otherwise, this story had all the elements of the most strangest one. It remains nevertheless very interesting to know. Skeptics about the Bermuda Triangle will immediately say, "Everething can be explained and there is no mystery about the Bermuda Triangle." I think we should keep an open mind and not  generalize. Imagine the impact for mankind, if one day we discover a passage to another dimension and if we are able to study it, to understand it.The unexplained phenomena of the past were considered mysterious because we were unable to explain them. Even if today we can explain them, they still exist and they are real. It is only our understanding who has changed about them. The phenomena, they remain the same.