A sea ship traveling in the sky

A French religious of the name Geoffroy du Breuil, better known under the name of Geoffrey of Vigeois reported in his chronicle the events of the period  between 994 and 1184 that he had witnessed. He described a series of events that touched the Limousinm in 1122. The Limousin was a former administrative region of France. Today, this historic and cultural region is part of the Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes which consists of Corrèze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne. He recounts in his column, that in Aquitaine, a strange woman appeared from nowhere. She had two heads, two noses, two chests, a belly and two legs and she sang very well. He also reports another  unusual supernatural phenomenon. This miracle took place in England in the city of London. According to him, the locals have seen in the sky a ship that seemed to split water. The ship anchored in the middle of the city and was retained by the inhabitants. The sailors sent one of them to unstuck the anchor. However, he was held by several people. The sailor, sent to clinch the anchor, fell into the water and perished. The ship's sailors cried out. They cut the anchor rope to immediately résumé their voyage trough the sky as if they were on water.

Gervase of Tilbury in his Otia imperialia, a work written around 1211, tells of a story of a ship traveling in the sky. The text recounts an event similar to that of Geoffroy du Breuil.

Version of the Gervais Tilbury's  text by  Cor2000:
As if to prove that there is a sea above us, a wonderful thing happened. (At that time, people conceived  the world into two parts. There were the waters of the earth and the waters of the heavens. The waters of the heavens were retained by the firmament. This concept is described in the Bible during the creation. "and God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament, and it was so") In Britain, it was customary to gather at the church on celebration days. After the Mass, people began to emerge gradually. The sky was dark and cloudy. You could see a ship's anchor hanging on a tombstone in the cemetery. The anchor rope was stretched and hung in the air. People watched and marveled at what they saw. They saw the rope move as if someone was pulling on it. They heard the voice of the sailors who were trying to retrieve their anchor. Unable to release it, they sent the sailors by the rope. When they had almost managed to disengage it, people took possession of one of the sailors. He fidgeted like he was  in a rough sea. The poor soul died by drowning.  When the sailors realized that their companion had drowned, they cut the rope and fled back to the ship by swimming. In memory of this event, the iron anchor was broken into pieces and forged. The metal parts were used on the church doors.

There also exists a version of this story that happened in Ireland. The story is very similar to the other two. However, in this version, the sailor went down to release the anchor and did not died. When the  people tried to grab the man, the Bishop of the region forbaded them to touch the sailor because  by touching him, he would die drowned. What is interesting in this version, the Bishop knew that if they touched the sailor, he would die. This tells us that the phenomenon had already occurred probably more than once in the past.

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