Space or time travel

Is it possible to travel in time or in space by using a wormhole ?

According to the current state of scientific knowledge, it is theoretically possible to travel in time. A wormhole is a kind of tunnel who connect directly two parts of space-time. They  are present in the dimensions of our universe. They are all around us. They form and disappear continuously. However, they are microscopic and we cannot use them. Scientists believe it could be possible to capture and enlarge one of these wormholes. To do so, we would need a huge quantity of energy. Then they could use this passage to travel in time or in space. In theory, this kind of travel is possible. We only lack the technology to do so.


On some occasions, it is possible that the natural energy produced by the planet is powerful enough to enlarge one of the worm holes. This energy source could come from the magnetic field of our planet. Molten iron of the outer core may occasionally produce an extremely powerful  electric current. In turn, the electrical current will produce a very strong magnetic field. This intense magnetic field may coincide with the formation of a wormhole. A person, a vessel or an aircraft passing in that region could travel in time or in space. The simultaneous formation   of powerful  concentrated  energy and a wormhole could explain the teleportation of the soldier Gil Perez  who has been almost instantly teleported from the Philippines to Mexico.