Tips and tricks to make a good impression on dating site


Tips for your Profile:

Your profile is very important. That is why you need to use a good photo  advantaging you. Do not use an old representation when you were younger. It is not a bad idea to invest some money for a quality photography. A good photographer is able to highlight your face. For the others photos, you can use  pictures of you with your friends and doing your activities. This will show that you are an active and social person.

Tips for first exchanges:

You have spotted an interesting person! What should you do now? Exchanges must be concise and very interesting. Long texts are boring. At the beginning, it is good to share facts about you. In your communications, always write a positive and optimistic way. Do not exaggerate. People exaggerating too much on the qualities they possess are often egocentric or they lie. Very often, these people show immaturity. It should highlight your personality while remaining natural.