Utsuro Bune and the young woman

Utsuro Bune

In a document entitled Hyouryuukishuu meaning in Japanese "Tales of survivors",we can read the story of an interesting encounter between a young and strange woman with the people of the small Japanese village of Harashagahama which occurred February 22, 1803.

A strange object was aground on the beach. It was unlike anything known. It was almost circular and oval in shape measuring 3 meters high and 5 meters wide. The materials of the ship looked like red sandalwood and metal. On the top, we could see the openings that seemed to be made ​​of glass or crystal. At that time, an event like this was really something extraordinary.

The villagers rushed to see this strange thing. Inside, a young woman was sitting there. Her face was pale. Her eyebrows and hair was red. People who saw the young lady estimated her age between 18 and 20. The villagers gave the name of the object hollow vessel or in Japanese "Utsuro Bune."

Inside the ship, people also saw a strange writing in a language and a style unknown to any of them. The young woman was speaking in an unknown language making it impossible to verbal communication. She held her arms tightly on a wooden box 60 cm in length. According to witnesses of the event, the box had to be very important to her because she has never allowed people to touch it.

Utsuro Bune  with the ship

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