What is Kombucha?

The Kombucha drink:

The  kombucha drink is produced by a combination of bacteria and yeast that live in symbiosis. They will form a gelatinous mass covering the entire surface of the liquid in contact with the air. We give the name of scoby ("Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast") to this agglomeration of unicellular organisms. The exact terms of this gelatinous mass is "mycoderma". To brew the Kombucha drink, the mycoderma of kombucha is deposited in a solution of sweetened tea. The processing time depends on the temperature, the sugar concentration, the type of tea used and the desired taste.


A probiotic food:

A probiotic food contains live microorganisms as non-pathogenic bacteria and yeast already present or added to a food product  conferring beneficial effects on the digestive system and overall health of the host organism.


A functional food:

A functional food is a food that provides physiological benefits reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases in addition to its basic nutritional qualities.



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